Spray Booth SB7427P

Spray Booth SB7427P

Trommelberg spray booth with max. air capacity 24000 m³/h, equipped with a RIELLO oil burner with max. heating capacity 200000 kcal/h.
The spray booth meets all current market requirements and accommodates most passenger cars.

The spray booth is designed with a modern looking cabin made of pre-painted wall panels with thermal and acoustic insulation. The cabin is outfitted with a 3-fold front entry door and an emergency service door that can be located in one of the main door folds.

The heating/ventilating unit can be installed on the left-hand side, on the right-hand side or in the rear of the booth cabin according to your preferences.

The necessary air exchange is achieved by means of 2 double centrifugal fans with belt drive installed on air intake and exhaust lines.

The heating/ventilating unit allows the spray booth to operate in a paint phase with total air exhaust and in a bake phase with closed-circuit warm air recirculation.

The spray booth is supplied with a metal base (H = 300 mm). The floor consists of 3 rows of grates with fine mesh and 2 rows of floor metal sheets that serve as entry runways for the vehicle. If necessary, the base can be recessed into the body shop floor to align the spray booth floor with the body shop floor.

The electric control panel manages all working modes and ensures safe oil burner operation. The control panel features working mode indicators, operating and emergency alarm, time setting and a temperature controller. The booth cabin is additionally equipped with a pressure gauge.

The spray booth is equipped with powerful lighting combined of top lights and side lights. The top lights fitted at 45° complemented by side lights provide comfortable working and color matching conditions.

The standard scope of supply includes: intake and exhaust multi-pocket type pre-filters and exhaust filters, ceiling fine filter and floor paint stop filter.
Multi-pocket filters are installed on wire support nets for simple filter replacement.

Standard shipment

- heating/ventilating unit with two centrifugal fans and belt drive;
- stainless steel heat exchanger;
- oil burner RIELLO G20;
- metal floor grating;
- 2 entry ramps;
- 3-fold entry door;
- 8 top lighting fixtures x 4 lamps = 32 pcs.;
- 8 side lighting fixtures x 2 lamps = 16 pcs.;
- control panel;
- kit of filters.

Article: SB-7427P

Spray Booth SB7427P

Spray Booth SB7427P

- inside (DхWхH) 6900х3900х2650 mm
- outside (DхWхH) 8700х4000х3400 mm
- 3-fold door (WхH) 3000х2600 mm
- service door (WхH) 650х2000 mm
Heating/ventilating unit:
- air intake motor power 7.5 kW
- air exhaust motor power 7.5 kW
- burner max. heating capacity 200000 kcal/h
- max. air capacity in paint phase 24000 m³/h
- max. oil consumption 17 L/cycle
- temperature in bake phase 60-80°С
Power supply:
Total power 16.6 kW
Motor voltage and phase 3ph.x380-400V/50Hz
Other data:
Light power 32х36 + 16х20 = 1472 W
Entry ramp length 2000 mm
Floor load capacity 500 kg/wheel print (0.2х0.2m)
Wall panel thickness 50 mm