Company Profile

Brand History

TROMMELBERG specializes in manufacturing garage equipment. A relatively young player in the global market, the company has quickly achieved wide recognition in its economic sector. 

The company’s success is largely explained by a set of basic rules put into practice on a constant basis:

  • Being a specialist in your field
  • Uniting professionals around you
  • Staying up-to-date
  • Responding promptly to market changes  
  • Ensuring constant and thorough monitoring of production at all stages

In order to stay a recognizable brand, TROMMELBERG invests up to 10% of its revenue into research and development on a continuous basis.

The company’s business scope includes designing, manufacturing and market promotion of garage equipment. The major highlight in the TROMMELBERG product range is modern tire changing and wheel balancing equipment.

Tire changing equipment is represented by automatic and semi-automatic car tire changers and tire changing accessories.

Wheel balancing equipment, in its turn, is represented by car and motorcycle high-precision wheel balancers.

Other highlights from the TROMMELBERG garage equipment range include engine oil changers and exhaust gas extraction systems.

All mentioned products are internationally certified and conform to the highest technical standards set by the leading manufacturers of garage equipment worldwide.